We Enable Liquidity
For Crypto Exchanges

Welcome to the world’s first crypto Straight-Through-Processing network and largest aggregated liquidity pool, designed to empower exchanges and bring digital assets truly mainstream with a universal liquidity standard on the FIX protocol.

Contribute Liquidity As a Maker

Leverage on your best performing crypto pairs
and direct institutional flow into your exchange.

Receive Liquidity as a Taker

Fill your orderbook with executable best prices
from a global liquidity pool.

Global Best Bid and Offer for Every Exchange

The WorldBook™ is a product of the NEXUS 2.0™ aggregator technology developed by Broctagon Fintech Group and a solution to fragmented crypto-liquidity. Exchanges will no longer be segregated by local orderbooks and instead gain access to the combined orders flowing within the WorldBook.

With unified liquidity, all exchanges will have the same prices,
and all traders – equal opportunities at any exchange.

One Crypto Market. One WorldBook™.

Direct access to more than 85% of the crypto market is now possible from a single avenue – Your Exchange.

Say hi to your brand new orderbook.

WorldBook Live Price Quotes

Instrument Symbol Liquidity Source Sell Spread Buy Liquidity Source
Instrument Symbol Liquidity Source Sell Spread Buy Liquidity Source
Instrument Symbol Liquidity Source Sell Spread Buy Liquidity Source
Powered by NEXUS 2.0™ (Network of Exchanges for Universal Settlement)

Our Liquidity Network

Together with leading institutions, we enable the next generation of crypto liquidity.

Your Exchange Supercharged

A world where pricing is no longer the competition.
Let the WorldBook handle quotes and liquidity while you focus on growing your exchange.

Global Price Discovery

Empower your clients to navigate
a multitude of markets across 5
continents, through your exchange.

Global Best Bid & Offer

Constantly stream the best attainable prices, consolidated and normalized for currency, within your orderbook.

Global Liquidity Access

Enjoy unprecedented market depth for higher fill rates and lower spreads, with direct execution via Smart Order Routing.

Liquidity For Everyone,
By Everyone

Having all market participants interacting on one liquidity standard is a catalyst for the much needed institutional trading conditions – a precursor for greater adoption, acceptance and accreditation.

Beyond liquidity, the WorldBook is an ecosystem that welcomes exchange solution providers, financial institutions, blockchain firms to champion transformational change in the digital asset landscape together.

Join the Worldbook™

As Featured On:

“The [WorldBook] network will combine the orderbooks of all connected crypto exchanges to streamline cryptocurrency prices similar to forex and securities.”

“WorldBook aims to aggregate the individual order books of crypto exchanges to create a unified order book… crypto exchanges that are part of an aggregated liquidity pool could gain access to real-time pricing for up to 85% of the market….”

“The WorldBook leverages the proprietary NEXUS 2.0 aggregator technology to offer its members global price discovery and direct STP capabilities on a universal liquidity standard.”

“Exchanges are welcome to connect to the WorldBook… The advantages for exchanges include an evident increase in volumes and a decrease in bid-ask spread amongst others.”

We Empower Exchanges

Exchanges and counting

Countries across 5 continents

Cryptocurrency Pairs

We are a Ready Technology

The WorldBook is not a utopian ideal or proof-of-concept. It is a working system that many exchanges utilize daily.

We are API Agnostic

With a Plug-and-Play framework, the WorldBook can connect to any exchange. We welcome you to stump us.

Your Exchange
To the WorldBook
For Free

*Subject to API compatibility

We believe in leveling the playing field.

With equal opportunities, newer exchanges can contend and explore new frontiers, driving growth for the entire industry at large. The #NEXGEN is only possible with everyone’s involvement.

Institutional-Grade Foundations

From obscurity to acceptance, all financial products undergo evolution. Like how Forex and Futures trading have matured, we believe cryptocurrency will be no exception.

With more than a decade of experience as a Prime-of-prime (PoP) liquidity provider in traditional financial markets, we built the WorldBook on an infrastructure that is congruent with the FI-dominant FIX protocol akin to that of the FX interbank network.

By emulating existing frameworks and best practices, with a battled-test system that works, the WorldBook sets the foundation for open work with regulatory and compliance for all participants on the network.

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